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Santa's Hotel Santa Claus

Santa Claus Hotel
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Santa's Hotel Santa Claus review by Nicole Allmann

Staying at Santa Claus Holiday Village in Rovaniemi Finland must be every child’s dream and every adult’s delight especially during Christmas season because it is right next to Father Christmas’ Village in the Arctic Circle. The sizeable village is comprised of multiple cabins with 71 apartments that can accommodate up to 200 people.



Staying at this hotel during the yuletide holidays also means free 2 hour activity time at Santa’s Village Gingerbread Club where children can enjoy baking, skiing, craftwork, and learn about elf work. Adults have a whole host of activities to choose from starting with shopping at the nearby Christmas House to buy souvenirs. The Holiday Village has a Christmas House restaurant and a coffee bar offering Lappish food and international fare where lunches are served buffet style and snacks can be ordered at the cafeteria.